Fort Street’s outstanding reputation for academic excellence is reflected in the consistently high results that students achieve in the Higher School Certificate. Ninety-five percent of students proceed from school immediately to university studies with 80% of the year 12 cohort achieving an ATAR in the 90's. Our highest achievers are recognised and celebrated at Speech Day each year.


Our students continue as individuals and in groups to be outstanding academic achievers. In 2017 twenty seven Fortians featured on the HSC Top All-rounders List.

2017 HSC Results

Class of 2017 – Top All Rounders

2017 Top All Rounders

This list acknowledges students who achieved in the highest performance band in 10 or more units in the HSC.

Samuel Alexander-PrideauxJefferson LeeVivian Truong
Jessica BoyleyHarvey Ling Lilian Wang
Dawnlicity CharlsVivek MishraRegina Wang
Terry HuynhJim NgHenry Wen
Anthony Kwee KartawardanaGulsher QureshiBrandon Wong
Otto KhooDavid SulistoEason Xia
Jennifer KimAlana TarrantAngela Zha
Seamus KirkMonica TranSelina Zhang
Olivia Le Khac Justin Trinh Kevin Zhu


First in Course

In 2017 the following students achieved first place in course Higher School Certificate:

Dawnlicity CharlsBiology1st
Angela ZhaGerman Continuers1st
Angela ZhaGerman Extension1st
John Bivell * Earth and Environmental Science 1st
Julian Van Gerwen *Mathematics 2 unit1st
Julian Van Gerwen *Mathematics Extension 11st

* Accelerated


Top Achievers in Course

The top achievers in Course list indicates the students who achieved in the top 5, 10 or 20 places (depending on overall size) for each HSC course.

Samuel Alexander-PrideauxAncient History9th
Dawnlicity CharlsChemistry11th
Dawnlicity CharlsPhysics7th
Jefferson LeeModern History7th
Igor Djurdjevic Serbian Continuers (Saturday School) 3rd
Vivian TruongLegal Studies6th
Henry WenChemistry15th
Angela ZhaChinese in Context3rd
L to R: Dawnlicity Charls (Dux) Angela Zha (2nd Place) & Henry Wen (3rd Place) Class of 2017

HSC Showcases

Each year the Board of Studies showcases outstanding student work in a series of exhibitions and showcases. In 2017 the nominated & selected Fortians were:


Samuel MartinIndividual PerformanceNominated
Gracia Clifford, Emily Henderson, Cole Johnstone & Samuel MartinGroup PerformanceSeymour Centre

ENCORE – Music

Ruari CampbellPerformanceNominated
William KinmontCompositionNominated
Otto KhooCompositionNominated


In 2017 168 Year 12 students and 67 accelerants undertook study in 32 NSW Board of Studies Developed Courses (including one school-based Vocational Education Course).

Of the 168 Year 12 students sitting HSC examinations, 115 students received a result in the highest band possible for two or more courses and are recognised on the NSW Education Standards Authority Distinguished Achievers List.

The 2017 results reflect strong performances particularly in:

  • 100% of candidates in Chinese in Context, English Extension 2, Information Process and Technology, Music Extension, Earth & Environmental Science, and Visual Arts achieved in Bands 5 and 6.
  • Biology – 21 students received Band 6 (54% of cohort)
  • Chinese in Context – 4 students received Band 6 (57% of the cohort)
  • Drama – 8 students received Band 6 (66% of the cohort)
  • English Extension 1 – 14 Students received E4 ( 70% of cohort)
  • English Extension 2 – 12 Students received E4 ( 60% of cohort)
  • Geography – 4 Students received Band 6 (50% of cohort)
  • Legal Studies – 15 students received Band 6 (50% of the cohort)
  • Mathematics 2U – 62 students received Band 6 (64% of the cohort)
  • Mathematics Extension 1 – 82 students received E4 (73% of the cohort)
  • Mathematics Extension 2 – 34 students received E4 (48% of the cohort)
  • Modern History – 12 students received Band 6 (52% of the cohort)
  • Music 2 – 8 students received Band 6 (61% of the cohort)
  • Music Extension – 5 students received E4 (100% of the cohort)