Exit Profile

Fort Street is proud to continue its co-educational traditions. We value the mix of young men and women learning together. We expect students to develop as model citizens and work towards developing individual and collaborative skills and attributes in each student.

Exit Profile

Our academically selective school is proudly multicultural; a school which celebrates diversity, tolerance and acceptance, and encourages individuals to work together to form a vibrant and questioning community with a strong sense of social responsibility.

Exit Profile

The school exit profile articulates the vision for student achievement.

Successful Fortians will have:

  • maximised their academic potential
  • developed individual skills and talents across a variety of areas
  • developed learning strategies to equip them to be independent, self-motivated and life-long learners
  • developed emotional resilience, self-reliance, interpersonal skills, the capacity to connect to others and leadership potential
  • recognised their responsibilities to the wider community
  • developed a strong sense of social justice as well as a commitment to fairness and equity.

(Ratified September 2007, modified 2016, School Council )


Fort Street has contributed to Australian society by producing outstanding citizens including:

In politics: Australia’s first prime minister, Sir Edmund Barton, Sir John Kerr, Neville Wran, H.V. Evatt, high court judges, Sir Garfield Barwick, Michael Kirby, explorer: Douglas Mawson, in medicine: Dr John Yu (Australian of the Year 1996), in the arts and media: artist Margaret Preston, media personalities: Deborah Hutton, Mary Kostakidis, film director, Rowan Woods, 1999 Australian ABC Young Performer of the Year, Claire Edwardes, Olympian Marlene Mathews, and Olympic 2000 gold medallists: Liz Weeks and Taryn Woods.