The Parents & Citizens Association meets in the school library at 7:30 pm on the second Wednesday of each month in the school term time, unless otherwise specified. The P&C contributes substantially to the life of Fort Street High School. It provides a forum which enables parents to contribute to the organisation and direction of the school.


The P&C Association is highly active. It initiates and supports programs to enhance student learning. The P&C manages the uniform shop. The Instrumental Program is co-ordinated by a parent group which report to the P&C.

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P&C Executive Committee

PresidentEthel Talty
Vice PresidentMichael Easton

Michael Mera

TreasurerTim Lyford
SecretaryPeter Bestel
Executive MembersAlison Austin

Robyn Elmslie

Suzanne Trimmer

Bhavani Jeevakan




P&C Representatives and Sub-committee  Coordinators

School Council RepresentativeNatasha Pollock
Foundation RepresentativeNatasha Pollock
IMP RepresentativeSuzanne Trimmer
Finance Committee RepresentativeSimon Elwig
Canteen Committee RepresentativeVacant
Fundraising CommitteeAlison Austin

Elizabeth Kenyon

Uniform shop CoordinatorTracey Chen
Second Hand Uniform CoordinatorSally McCausland
Sports CoordinatorMichael Easton

Uniform Shop

The uniform shop is run by the P&C. The P&C employs a manager, but help from parent volunteers is always appreciated. Orientation Day and early in Term 1 are always the busiest times for the uniform shop. The uniform price list and other details can be viewed here.


One of the roles of the P&C is fundraising, which is contributed to the school, to provide better facilities than government funding covers.

The funds that the P&C can make available to the school come from P&C memberships, uniform shop and canteen profits and the proceeds from the Fort St Festival and other cultural events.

Last year the P&C gave the school more than $50,000 to provide classroom technology, faculty assets and numerous other items.

Community Events

Community Events run by the P&C aim to build community awareness within the school, give parents, students and other supporters an opportunity to meet informally and to contribute to the school and to raise funds.


The P&C holds meetings usually at 7:30pm in the school library on the second Wednesday of each month during school terms. These meetings provide an opportunity to learn more about what is happening in the school, how it operates, to ask questions and to meet other parents. The Principal usually gives an informative report on the recent happenings within the school.

Most of these meetings focus on a particular topic, which is often aimed at the parents of a particular year group.

Contact: The P&C can be contacted on