Student Interest Groups

Fort Street High School has a wide range of programs that support student learning and enhance social and personal development. They operate as part of the extended before and after school timetable and are designed to complement the curriculum by enriching the core learning experiences for students. All activities undertaken are listed on student reports.

Student Interest Groups


We offer chess as a recreational activity (during Recess and Lunch), as well as being part of the NSW Junior Chess League Secondary Schools Competition. The competition rounds are held on Friday afternoons during Term Two and involve travel to various schools in the district.  A staff member coordinates the practice sessions and the competition afternoons.

  • Contact: tba


Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee was formed in 2014 initially from the SRC with the support of its members.

The diversity groups address concerns in three areas: LGBTQI, female discrimination, Anti-racism.

The committee meets regularly to discuss issues and raise awareness within the school community.


Environment Committee

Students with a passion for the environment and leadership work cooperatively on projects to lower the school’s ecological footprint and improve general environmental outcomes. The committee primarily consists of Year 10 students but all interested individuals are welcome.

  • Contact: Mr Pagani
  • Relieving Head Teacher – Social Science
  • Rowe Staffroom



For more than 20 years, Fort Street High School has supported a student led and mentored, voluntary Christian program called STIVE.

STIVE, abbreviated from “students alive” meets every Friday lunchtime in the school gymnasium and offers Christian focused learning and fellowship for all Fortians who wish to attend. A Pastor from Petersham Anglican Church attends regularly and delivers life applicable sermons as requested by students and answers any question they may have from a biblical perspective. It is Department of Education policy that all students who wish to attend voluntary student activities of a religious nature need to have parent permission.  This programme is senior student lead and delivered to the participating student body.

Students may participate upon receipt of parent consent form.

Contact: Mr Fischer
Teacher – PDHPE
Rowe Staffroom