As part of the school’s commitment to holistic education, and to encourage each child to develop their individual gifts, talents and interests, Fort Street High School supports a range of sporting activities both in and outside the curriculum. Sport has the potential to be of great benefit to students’ physical and mental health, and assists students to build their social skills and resilience.

The P&C have recently elected a parent sports co-ordinator to assist the school to meet its goals in relation to sport. Parents are encouraged to contact Michael Easton ( if they are interested in being involved – especially if they have an interest or expertise in a particular sport.

Below is a summary of some of the current sporting opportunities available to students at Fort Street.

Subject inside the curriculum, mandatory Years 7-10. 3-5 periods a fortnight, depending on year group.
Predominantly theory and health related.
Practical lessons focus on skill development (e.g. Gymnastics, Dance) and fitness (e.g. Cross Country)

School Sport
Mandatory Years 7-11, approximately two hours per week.
Year 7: Non-competitive, inside the timetable. Focus on general fitness and skill development in a range of sports, including AFL, basketball, cricket, netball, soccer, softball, touch football.
Year 8:Tuesday afternoon. Grade sport mandatory, compete against teams from other schools
Years 9-11:Tuesday afternoon. Choice of Grade or House/Recreational Sports
Grade Sports include AFL, Basketball, Cricket, European Handball, Netball, Oztag, Soccer, Softball, Touch Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball. Approximately 235 students take Grade Sports in the summer semester, 275 in winter.
House Sports include Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis, Fencing, Gym, Ice Skating, Soccer, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Yoga. Approximately 340 students take House/Recreational Sports in summer, 295 in winter.

Annual Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country Carnivals. Attendance is mandatory for the whole school, entering events is voluntary.
School sends representatives to both zone and regional carnivals. In 2018, 238 students represented the school at zone level, 106 at regional level.

Knock Out Sport
Voluntary, wide range of teams but limited places. Students compete against other schools in our region during school time. Training varies from team to team, depending on staff availability and expertise.
Teams play until they lose (generally one or two games). Additional tournaments are available for some knock out sports.
Sports offered depend on student interest and staff availability. In 2018 the school entered teams in Basketball, Futsal, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, Touch Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball and Water Polo.

Before & After School Activities
A number of other before and after school activities are also available on a regular basis throughout the year.


SportTeamsTime & FrequencyNo. of StudentsTeacher in charge
Cricket CrackersMixedWed. am

Term 3

approx. 15R. Uppal
Football (soccer)15s BoysWeekly

Term 1

approx. 15R. Uppal
FutsalOpens Boys & GirlsDepending on Gym availability

Terms 1&2

10-15P. Pagani
14s & 16s, Boys & GirlsTwice a week

Terms 1, 2&3

30-40R. Uppal
NetballOpens & 15s GirlsTues. am

Terms 2&3

20-30S. Wilkins
Running ClubMixedWed. am

Term 3

approx. 10R. Uppal
Senior DanceYear 11 GirlsWed. Lunch

All year

10-15Student run
Social SoccerMixedWed. am

Term 3

approx. 15R. Uppal
VolleyballSenior BoysTues. am, Thurs. pm

All year

approx. 15P. Scudds
Water PoloMixedTues., Thurs, Fri am

All year

20-30A. Semaan
Year 7 DanceYear 7 GirlsMon. Lunch

Terms 1&2

10-15J. Ryan