Fort Street High School has a wide range of programs that support student learning and enhance social and personal development. They operate as part of the extended before and after school timetable and are designed to complement the curriculum by enriching the core learning experiences for students. All activities undertaken are listed on student reports.


Overseas Cultural Tours

The school has a long history of sister school exchanges. Currently students have the opportunity to host students from Japan, France and Germany, as well as the opportunity to visit these countries on exchange.
The Confucius Classroom

The Confucius Institute is an arm of Hanban, a part of the Chinese government that promotes the study of Chinese language and culture throughout the world. It has similar functions to the Alliance Française, the Goethe Institut and the Japan Foundation. As a result of a joint initiative between the Confucius Institute and NSW Department of Education, Fort Street High School was among the first schools chosen to have a Confucius Classroom in New South Wales.

At the same time as delivering exemplary Chinese programs at a local level, the initiative facilitates the sharing of information and ideas across the network of Confucius Classrooms or schools without access to quality Chinese lessons.

Teaching and learning materials and activities are generously funded and engagement with Chinese cultural activities is encouraged. This involves celebration of such occasions as Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival with experience of cultural performances and demonstrations, for example martial arts, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, traditional musical instruments and dance.

Learning is also enhanced through subsidised excursions to places like the Chinese Gardens, temples and Chinatown.

A relationship with a sister-school in Jiangsu Province exists. A most valuable resource made possible is the employment of a Chinese Volunteer Teacher who team teaches and further facilitates differentiation, provides conversation practice and close reference to contemporary China while producing teaching aids for lessons.

Learn more about the Confucius Institute here

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    Head Teacher – Languages
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