Drama & Theatresports

Fort Street High School has a wide range of programs that support student learning and enhance social and personal development. They operate as part of the extended before and after school timetable and are designed to complement the curriculum by enriching the core learning experiences for students. All activities undertaken are listed on student reports.

Drama & Theatresports

The Senior & Junior Drama Ensembles are formed each year to provide additional performance opportunities for gifted and talented drama students.


One of the key roles of the drama co-curricular groups is to offer students real experiences of the collaboration and the vital work that ensembles and teams perform to realise a successful production.

Drama Club

Drama Club is open to Year 7 and 8 students and will challenge these students to think imaginatively about how they can create new worlds, characters and mood without relying on overly complex setting, props or costumes. The students work with short scripts and script excerpts and learn to bring those scripts to life by transforming themselves and their space into the characters and worlds of the play.

Drama Club meets every Wednesday morning at 7.45am in R1, there is no cost for this club.


Theatresports is a program offered to drama students in Years 8 – 12. The students focus on developing improvisation skills which help create problem solving and spontaneity. They learn a variety of Theatresports games, and to compete against each other in a supportive environment. Students also have the opportunity to be selected for representative teams that compete in external Theatresports competitions.

Theatresports meets on Tuesday afternoons in R1 from 3.30pm – 4.30pm. There is a cost per student but this will depend on how many students overall participate.

Senior Drama Production

Year 11 drama students are involved in the development and performance of a full-scale drama production. Opportunities are available for students to direct, perform or work on a production team and provides the opportunity for these students to have the real-world experience of producing a play. At times this opportunity may be opened up to Year 10 students.

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Contact: Ms Carolyn Mattick
Head Teacher
Creative & Performing Arts (Rowe Staffroom)