Art Studio

Fort Street High School has a wide range of programs that support student learning and enhance social and personal development. They operate as part of the extended before and after school timetable and are designed to complement the curriculum by enriching the core learning experiences for students. All activities undertaken are listed on student reports.

Art Studio

Art Studio offers passionate art students the opportunity to work on developing their art. These sessions are held after school and focus on a variety of art mediums.


The Art Studio is open to all students in Years 7-10 and offers two sessions and focuses on a variety of art mediums.


Art Studio 1 is for more confident artists and is held in K21 on Monday afternoons form 3.30pm to 4.30pm.  This session is open to students from 7-10 and costs $30 per student.


Art Studio 2 is for beginner artists and is held in K22 on Wednesday afternoons from 3.30-4.30pm. There is no cost for Art Studio 2 and it is open to students in 7-10.


  • Contact: Ms Carolyn Mattick
  • Creative & Performing Arts
  • Rowe Staffroom