Our Staff

Teachers at Fort Street are committed to helping our gifted students reach their academic potential by creating programs which build on the learning continuum, promote creative and critical thinking and incorporate differentiation to give them challenging and meaningful learning experiences.

Our Staff

In 2016 the teaching staff received training from University of NSW in Gifted and Talented education; all new staff will undertake this training at the commencement of 2018 to ensure quality teaching and learning continues to be at the core of our practice. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds themselves, and bringing a diverse range of talents and skills, teachers celebrate the diversity found in the classroom.

Senior Executive

Principal Ms Juliette McMurray
Deputy Principal (Years 11 and 7) Mr Joel Morrison
Deputy Principal (Years 12 and 8) Ms Rebecca Cameron
Relieving Deputy Principal (Years 10 and 9) Ms Catriona Arcamone


Head Teacher – Administration Ms Janice Eastment
Relieving Head Teacher – English Mr Noah Melser
Relieving Head Teacher – Mathematics Ms Senida Krcic
Head Teacher – Languages Mr Mark Backhouse
Head Teacher – History Mr Justyn Boyle
Head Teacher – Science Mr Bryan Webb
Head Teacher – Social Science Mr Garth Chapman
Relieving Head Teacher – Creative & Performing Arts Ms Carolyn Mattick
Head Teacher – Student Services Ms Penny Starr
Head Teacher – Technology Mr Adam Semaan
Relieving Head Teacher – PDHPE Mr Paul Pagani

Key Staff

Teacher Librarian Ms Rowena Penniment
Careers Adviser Ms Kylie Salisbury
Sport Coordinator Mr Randev Uppal
Instrumental Music Program Mr Matt Manchester
Technology Technical Support Team Mr Jamie Wilson
School Counsellors Ms Gillian Maury & Ms Miori Shino
Learning Support Ms Jill Ryan
School Administration Manager Ms Janette Levy
Assistant to the Principal Ms Kellorin Long