School Plan

Principals in NSW public schools operate in the context of a strong public education system. The School Management Plan 2018 – 2020 articulates three strategic directions and key reforms that are being implemented to support every learner in all NSW public schools. It links with the State Plan and the DEC five year strategic plan.

School Plan

The FSHS school plan has been developed in consultation with staff, students, and parents through various focus group activities and a community forum. The initial framework of the plan was developed at the annual executive conference. Parent, student and teacher representatives provided valuable input to the development of the three strategic directions.

faber est quisque fortunae

This motto (each person is a maker of their own destiny) underpins the values and expectations of this great school. Our academically selective school is proudly multicultural; a school which encourages and celebrates diversity, tolerance, acceptance and individuals working together to form a vibrant and questioning community.

The school exit profile articulates the vision for student achievement. Successful Fortians will have:

  • maximised their academic potential
  • developed individual skills and talents across a variety of areas
  • developed learning strategies to equip them to be independent, self-motivated and life-long learners
  • developed emotional resilience, self-reliance, interpersonal skills, the capacity to connect to others and leadership potential
  • recognised their responsibilities to the wider community
  • developed a strong sense of social justice as well as a commitment to fairness and equity.


FSHS School strategic directions 2018 – 2020

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 1 : Student growth and attainment

Our purpose is to ensure that every student shows strong growth in their learning supported by explicit, research-informed teaching. Our teachers will evaluate their effectiveness and reflectively adapt their practice informed by high impact professional learning. Teachers will use student assessment data to inform teaching and to respond to the learning needs of individual students.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 2: Student wellbeing – developing resilient and independent learners

Our purpose is to ensure that every student feels challenged, has a sense of purpose and direction for their own learning and growth and feels valued and cared for. The whole school community demonstrates aspirational expectations of learning progress and achievement for all students, and is committed to the pursuit of excellence.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 3: Refined teacher practice and collaboration

purpose is to ensure a collaborative school culture where staff are invested and supported in their professional growth and where reflection on and improvement in classroom practice drives formal and informal professional learning within and across faculties to positively impact on student engagement.


The 2021-2024 School Plan can be viewed here:

FSHS School Plan 2021-2024