Our School

faber est quisque fortunae (each person is a maker of their own destiny). Our school motto underpins the values and expectations of this great school. Our academically selective school is proudly multicultural; a school which encourages and celebrates diversity, tolerance, acceptance and individuals working together to form a vibrant and questioning community.

Our School

Fort Street High School is a selective co–educational high school having commenced as the Fort Street Model School in 1849, located on Observatory Hill.

In 1916 the boys’ school was relocated to Taverner’s Hill. The current co–educational school commenced in 1974, with the amalgamation of the Fort Street Girls and Boys High Schools.

Our school’s unique place in NSW is acknowledged as epitomising and espousing academic excellence, the liberal tradition in educational philosophy, individualism, multiculturalism, tolerance and school traditions.

940 students travel from over 120 suburbs across Sydney to this highly multicultural setting which reflects the diversity of cultures in Australia.

The high expectations of our active parent community are supported by an effective school council. The council consists of parents, staff, students, Fortians and the wider community. Data collection drives all school directions and decision-making processes.


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