Attendance and Absences

Please ensure that your child is prompt to school each morning. One of the main reasons for unsatisfactory school progress is irregular attendance. Parents are advised to see that their child attends regularly and punctually.

Attendance and Absences

Attendance and Punctuality

Absences due to serious illness are understandable but absences from school for such unacceptable reasons as shopping, minding smaller children, or family outings are NOT regarded by the Board of Studies as satisfactory reasons. Dental and medical appointments should be arranged outside school hours wherever possible.

Attendance at all school functions, swimming and athletics carnivals etc is compulsory. If there is a problem with attendance, referrals are made to the Home School Liaison Officer (Department of Education and Communities).


I am away from school…

Parents can phone the school on 8585 1642  with the student’s name and surname, roll class, date and reason for absence prior to 09:00am on the day of the child’s absence. If we do not receive a message, parents will be informed by text message on the actual day of absence. If any absence is not explained by a written note, you will receive an official request for explanation.

If parents prefer to write a note it must have the students full name and roll class clearly labelled. If the absence lasts longer than 3 days, the student will need to supply a medical certificate on returning to school.


I am late to school…

Students who arrive at school after 8:50am must report to the Administration Office to sign in using their Student Identification Card. If the student does not sign in at the Administration Office and goes straight to class, he/she will be deemed absent for the whole day and a text message will be sent to his/her parent.


I need to leave early…

Letters of request from parents for an early leave pass must be made to the Administration Office for an Early Departure Request form, which is then taken to the Administration Head Teacher for approval between 8:30am and 8:50am. At the departure time, the approved Early Departure Request is taken by the student to the office for the issue of the early leave pass. Early leave passes will only be approved for:

  • Specialist medical and dental appointments on production of an appointment card
  • Family and personal emergencies
  • Bereavements

Absences for medical appointments during school hours and especially during sport will only be approved through the Principal in case of emergency.  Absences for tutoring during school hours and especially sport will not be approved.

Regardless of the reasons, early leave is recorded on the official rolls as a partial absence. The pass is valid for that day only.


Student Leave – How To Make an Application

All requests for extended leave from school should be made in writing to the principal with detailed supporting documentation before purchasing tickets.

Application for Extended Leave – Travel